A New Day Yesterday

Released October 24, 2000 “A New Day Yesterday” was the first studio album by Joe Bonamassa under Okeh label. It had 12 songs in 55:40 total length. The most notable songs were “I Know Where I Belong”, “Colour and Shape” and “If Heartaches Were Nickels” which was written by famous singer, songwriter and guitarist Warren Haynes. This first album allowed Joe Bonamassa to become famous.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Cradle Rock” (Rory Gallagher cover) Rory Gallagher 3:50
2. “Walk in My Shadows” (Free cover)
  • Paul Rodgers
  • Paul Kossoff
  • Simon Kirke
  • Andy Fraser
3. “A New Day Yesterday” (Jethro Tull cover) Ian Anderson 4:45
4. “I Know Where I Belong” Joe Bonamassa 5:38
5. “Miss You, Hate You” (rock radio remix)
  • Bonamassa
  • Richard Feldman
6. “Nuthin’ I Wouldn’t Do (For a Woman Like You)” (Al Kooper cover) Al Kooper 5:10
7. “Colour and Shape” Bonamassa 5:03
8. “Headaches to Heartbreaks” Bonamassa 4:56
9. “Trouble Waiting”
  • Bonamassa
  • Steve Tyrell
  • Stephanie Tyrell
10. “If Heartaches Were Nickels” (Warren Haynes cover) Warren Haynes 7:51
11. “Current Situation” Bonamassa 3:35
12. “Don’t Burn Down That Bridge” (Albert King cover)
  • Allen Jones
  • Carl Wells

So, It’s Like That

Released August 13, 2002 “So, It’s Like That” was the second studio album by Joe Bonamassa under Medalist label. Now t had 13 songs in 61:54 total length. This album made Joe Bonamassa famous with songs “My Mistake” (written in collaboration with Mark Lizotte), “Unbroken”, “So, It’s Like That” and “The Hard Way”. Also this album had a hidden track named “Mother Love”.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “My Mistake”
  • Joe Bonamassa
  • Mark Lizotte
2. “Lie #1”
  • Bonamassa
  • Mike Himelstein
3. “No Slack”
  • Bonamassa
  • Lizotte
4. “Unbroken”
  • Annie Roboff
  • Holly Lamar
5. “So, It’s Like That”
  • Bonamassa
  • Himelstein
6. “Waiting for Me”
  • Bonamassa
  • Richard Feldman
  • Eric Pressly
7. “Never Say Goodbye”
  • Bonamassa
  • Curt Schneider
8. “Mountain Time”
  • Bonamassa
  • Will Jennings
9. “Pain and Sorrow”
  • Bonamassa
  • Feldman
  • Pressly
10. “Takin’ the Hit”
  • Bonamassa
  • Himelstein
11. “Under the Radar”
  • Bonamassa
  • Dave Bassett
12. “Sick in Love”
  • Bonamassa
  • Himelstein
13. “The Hard Way”
  • Bonamassa
  • Bassett
  • Bonamassa
  • Feldman

Blues Deluxe

Released August 26, 2003 “Blues Deluxe” was the third studio album by Joe Bonamassa released under Medalist label. It had 51:22 in total length. The most notable songs were “Man of Many Words” (it is Buddy Guy cover) and “I Don’t Live Anywhere” which were accepted very good by the audience. Also, this album was the second and the last one released under under Medalist label.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “You Upset Me Baby” (B.B. King cover)
  • B.B. King
  • Joe Bihari
2. “Burning Hell” (John Lee Hooker cover)
  • John Lee Hooker
  • Bernard Bersman
3. “Blues Deluxe” (The Jeff Beck Group cover)
  • Jeff Beck
  • Rod Stewart
4. “Man of Many Words” (Buddy Guy cover) Buddy Guy 4:11
5. “Woke Up Dreaming”
  • Joe Bonamassa
  • Will Jennings
6. “I Don’t Live Anywhere”
  • Bonamassa
  • Mike Himelstein
7. “Wild About You Baby” (Elmore James cover) Elmore James 3:39
8. “Long Distance Blues” (T-Bone Walker cover) Bernice Carter 3:53
9. “Pack It Up” (Freddie King cover)
  • George Chandler
  • Gonzalez
10. “Left Overs” (Albert Collins cover) Albert Collins 3:22
11. “Walking Blues” (Robert Johnson cover) Robert Johnson 4:27
12. “Mumbling Word”
  • Bonamassa
  • Himelstein

Had to Cry Today

Released August 24, 2004 album “Had to Cry Today” by Joe Bonamassa under Premier Artists label was accepted not very good by the audience. But songs like “Junction 61”, “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”, “When She Dances” are still considered the defining songs of the singer.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Never Make Your Move Too Soon” (B.B. King cover) Stix Hooper, Will Jennings 4:06
2. “Travellin’ South” (Albert Collins cover) Gwendolyn Collins 3:50
3. “Junction 61” Joe Bonamassa 0:48
4. “Reconsider Baby” (Lowell Fulson cover) Lowell Fulson 6:51
5. “Around the Bend” Bonamassa, Jennings 5:11
6. “Revenge of the 10 Gallon Hat” Bonamassa 2:54
7. “When She Dances” Bonamassa, Jennings 4:53
8. “Had to Cry Today” (Blind Faith cover) Steve Winwood 6:49
9. “The River” Bonamassa, Bob Held 5:30
10. “When the Sun Goes Down” Bonamassa, Jennings 2:44
11. “Faux Mantini” Bonamassa 2:26

You & Me

Released June 6, 2006 album “You & Me” by Joe Bonamassa under Premier Artists label was the second singer’s album recorded by this music label. It exploded in Netherlands and Germany with some of the songs like “Bridge to Better Days”, “So Many Roads”, “Tamp Em Up Solid” and “Torn Down”.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “High Water Everywhere” (Charley Patton cover) Charlie Patton 4:06
2. “Bridge to Better Days” Joe Bonamassa 5:07
3. “Asking Around for You” Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein 4:17
4. “So Many Roads” (Otis Rush cover) Marshall Paul 7:05
5. “I Don’t Believe” (Bobby Bland cover) Manuel Charles, Don Robey 3:22
6. “Tamp Em Up Solid” (Ry Cooder cover) Ry Cooder 2:30
7. “Django” (Django Reinhardt cover) Robert Bosmans, Etienne Lefebvre 4:56
8. “Tea for One” (Led Zeppelin cover) Jimmy Page, Robert Plant 9:34
9. “Palm Trees Helicopters and Gasoline” Bonamassa 1:47
10. “Your Funeral and My Trial” (Sonny Boy Williamson cover) Sonny Boy Williamson 2:59
11. “Torn Down” Bonamassa, Gregg Sutton 4:28

Sloe Gin

Released August 21, 2007 album “Sloe Gin” by Joe Bonamassa under J&R Adventures label was the first album recorded by this label. It took some international charts (Billboard 200, GfK Entertainment Charts, MegaCharts and some others). The best song of the album is “Seagull” which produced a lot of covers in the next few years by some Joe’s followers.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Ball Peen Hammer” (Chris Whitley cover) Chris Whitley 3:27
2. “One of These Days” (Ten Years After cover) Alvin Lee, Joe Bonamassa 5:40
3. “Seagull” (Bad Company cover) Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs 3:49
4. “Dirt in My Pocket” Bonamassa, James Huff 4:54
5. “Sloe Gin” (Tim Curry cover) Bob Ezrin, Michael Kamen 8:13
6. “Another Kind of Love” (John Mayall cover) John Mayall 3:10
7. “Around the Bend” Bonamassa, Will Jennings 5:15
8. “Black Night” (Charles Brown cover) Jessie Mae Robinson 4:22
9. “Jelly Roll” (John Martyn cover) John Martyn 2:12
10. “Richmond” Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein 4:31
11. “India” Bonamassa, Rick Melick 3:19

The Ballad of John Henry

Released February 24, 2009 album “The Ballad of John Henry” by Joe Bonamassa under J&R Adventures label was one of the first best-selling albums at that time. He took some charts with his songs “The Ballad of John Henry”, “Last Kiss”, “Lonesome Road Blues”, “The Great Flood” and “From the Valley”. Also the album has a few cover songs that were appreciated as well.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “The Ballad of John Henry” Joe Bonamassa, Mississippi John Hurt 6:26
2. “Stop!” (Sam Brown cover) Sam Brown, Gregg Sutton, Bruce Brody 6:48
3. “Last Kiss” Bonamassa 7:15
4. “Jockey Full of Bourbon” (Tom Waits cover) Tom Waits 5:22
5. “Story of a Quarryman” Bonamassa 4:59
6. “Lonesome Road Blues” Bonamassa 3:08
7. “Happier Times” Bonamassa 6:40
8. “Feelin’ Good” (Cy Grant cover) Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley 4:44
9. “Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter” (Ike & Tina Turner cover) Aillene Bullock 5:00
10. “The Great Flood” Bonamassa 7:39
11. “From the Valley” Bonamassa 2:24
12. “As the Crow Flies” (Tony Joe White cover) Tony Joe White, Tennessee Swamp Fox 3:58

Black Rock

Released March 23, 2010 album “Black Rock” by Joe Bonamassa was the next best-selling album ever as well as his work with J&R Adventures label. IT has 13 songs in total and the best among them is “Wandering Earth”.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Steal Your Heart Away” (Bobby Parker cover) Bobby Parker 3:48
2. “I Know a Place” (John Hiatt cover) John Hiatt 4:19
3. “When the Fire Hits the Sea” Joe Bonamassa 3:55
4. “Quarryman’s Lament” Joe Bonamassa 5:22
5. “Spanish Boots” (Jeff Beck cover) Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood 4:38
6. “Bird on a Wire” (Leonard Cohen cover) Leonard Cohen 5:21
7. “Three Times a Fool” (Otis Rush cover) Otis Rush 2:02
8. “Night Life” (ft. B. B. King; Willie Nelson cover) Walt Breeland, Paul Buskirk, Willie Nelson 3:26
9. “Wandering Earth” Joe Bonamassa 4:19
10. “Look Over Yonder’s Wall” (Freddie King cover) James Clark 3:27
11. “Athens to Athens” Joe Bonamassa 2:26
12. “Blue and Evil” Joe Bonamassa 5:44
13. “Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind” (Blind Boy Fuller cover) Blind Boy Fuller 4:25

Dust Bowl

Released March 22, 2011 album “Dust Bowl” was #7 best album in Norway and #12 in Norway and UK. It is 63 minutes in total length and has some masterpieces like “Slow Train”, “Black Lung Heartache” and “The Whale That Swallowed Jonah”. This album continues Joe’s tradition to add some covers into his releasing albums.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Slow Train” Joe Bonamassa, Kevin Shirley 6:49
2. “Dust Bowl” Bonamassa 4:33
3. “Tennessee Plates” (ft. John Hiatt; John Hiatt cover) John Hiatt, John Porter 4:18
4. “The Meaning of the Blues” (Often mistakenly listed as a Bobby Troup cover, but this is an original JB song.) Bonamassa 5:44
5. “Black Lung Heartache” Bonamassa 4:14
6. “You Better Watch Yourself” (Little Walter cover) Bonamassa, Walter Jacobs 3:30
7. “The Last Matador of Bayonne” Bonamassa 5:23
8. “Heartbreaker” (ft. Glenn Hughes; Free cover) Paul Rodgers 5:49
9. “No Love on the Street” (Tim Curry cover) Tim Curry, Michael Kamen 6:32
10. “The Whale That Swallowed Jonah” Bonamassa 4:46
11. “Sweet Rowena” (ft. Vince Gill) Vince Gill, Pete Wasner 4:34
12. “Prisoner” (Barbra Streisand cover) John Desautels, Karen Lawrence 6:48

Driving Towards the Daylight

Released May 22, 2012 album “Driving Towards the Daylight” was one of the shortest made by Joe. It has only 11 songs and they last less than 50 minutes in total. However, this album blowed up UK chart ending #2 in total. Almost all his songs are masterpiece, especially “Dislocated Boy”, “Driving Towards the Daylight”, “Heavenly Soul”. Others 8 songs are covers, originally written by Bill Withers and some others songwriters.

Track listing
1. “Dislocated Boy” Joe Bonamassa 6:40
2. “Stones in My Passway” (Originally recorded by Robert Johnson) Robert Johnson 3:58
3. “Driving Towards the Daylight” Bonamassa, Danny Kortchmar 4:50
4. “Who’s Been Talking?” (Originally recorded by Howlin’ Wolf) Chester Burnett 3:28
5. “I Got All You Need” (Originally recorded by Koko Taylor) Willie Dixon 3:04
6. “A Place in My Heart” (Originally recorded by Bernie Marsden) Bernie Marsden 6:48
7. “Lonely Town Lonely Street” (Originally recorded by Bill Withers) Bill Withers 7:08
8. “Heavenly Soul” Bonamassa 5:55
9. “New Coat of Paint” (Originally recorded by Tom Waits) Tom Waits 4:06
10. “Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go” (Originally recorded by Buddy Miller) Buddy Miller 4:59
11. “Too Much Ain’t Enough Love” (feat. Jimmy Barnes; originally recorded by Jimmy Barnes) Jimmy Barnes, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Randy Jackson, Tony Brock 5:37

Different Shades of Blue

Released September 22, 2014 “Different Shades of Blue” was as successful as the previous but it had the moment of glory as well. It took TOP 10 places in different charts including UK, Netherlands and the US. It has 14 songs making it the largest recorded album ever.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)” Jimi Hendrix 1:19
2. “Oh Beautiful!” Bonamassa, James House 5:28
3. “Love Ain’t a Love Song” Bonamassa, Jerry Flowers 3:48
4. “Living on the Moon” Bonamassa, House 3:21
5. “Heartache Follows Wherever I Go” Bonamassa, House 4:33
6. “Never Give All Your Heart” Bonamassa, Jonathan Cain 5:24
7. “I Gave Up Everything for You, ‘Cept the Blues” Bonamassa, Flowers, Jeffrey Steele 4:39
8. “Different Shades of Blue” Bonamassa, House 4:39
9. “Get Back My Tomorrow” Bonamassa, Flowers, Steele 4:46
10. “Trouble Town” Bonamassa, Gary Nicholson 4:56
11. “So, What Would I Do” Bonamassa 5:26
12. “Scarlet Town (Best Buy Exclusive)” Bonamassa 7:57
13. “Better The Devil You Know (Best Buy Exclusive)” Bonamassa 4:41
14. “Black Irish Eyes (Best Buy Exclusive)” Bonamassa 4:33

Blues of Desperation

Released March 25, 2016 album “Blues of Desperation” took #1 place in Sweden by sales and became one of the best-selling album up to this date. Songs “Heartache Follows Wherever I Go”, “Oh Beautiful!”, “So, What Would I Do” became the hits on YouTube as well.

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “This Train” Joe Bonamassa, James House 4:20
2. “Mountain Climbing” Bonamassa, Tom Hambridge 5:43
3. “Drive” Bonamassa, House 5:47
4. “No Good Place for the Lonely” Bonamassa, Gary Nicholson 8:38
5. “Blues of Desperation” Bonamassa, House 6:27
6. “The Valley Runs Low” Bonamassa, House 4:03
7. “You Left Me Nothin’ But the Bill and the Blues” Bonamassa, House 4:10
8. “Distant Lonesome Train” Bonamassa, Hambridge 5:53
9. “How Deep This River Runs” Bonamassa, House 6:30
10. “Livin’ Easy” Bonamassa, Jeffrey Steele, Jerry Flowers 4:37
11. “What I’ve Known for a Very Long Time” Bonamassa 5:33


The last album called “Redemption” was released September 21, 2018 and to promote this album Joe Bonamassa in going on the U.S. tour in 2018-2019. Tour dates are available on the main page.