Joe Bonamassa And His Musical Journey

The life story of Joe

If your father owned a fashion house and you are growing up in such an atmosphere, there must be a chance that you will become a fashion designer. If your mother owned a dance school there should be a chance that you will become a dancer. If both of your parents owned and ran a musical instrument shop there will be a really good chance that you may develop your interest in music and will possess the desire to learn to play the the instruments. And that is what happened to the renowned musician Joe Bonamassa of New Hartford, NY.

He was first exposed to the music of Muddy Waters and the Robert Johnson, the traditional music artists as the atmosphere of his house permeated him. But he drew his focus to the music of Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck and they Irish/English style. He made up his style with the inspiration of the musician and learned to express his feelings in a different way as per the requirement if his music. That style was completely different from the traditional ones.

He applied such unique style and techniques to develop his own one as he was able to play the tunes of Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn when he was just 7 years old. When he was 12 years old, he actually went for B.B. King, the man who documented and also boasted the potential of the young musician.

Music love

Initially, Joe became a blind follower and huge fan of the musicians like Gary Moore, Peter Green, Jimmy Page, and the popular rock and blues music bands such as the Humble Pie. He was phenomenally talented since his starting up days.

In the year of 2000, Joe has released his first album “A New Day Yesterday” and has received outstanding reviews from the fans. It was just a beginning of a starling carrier and he never stopped since the day.  He has released then 15 albums till date as well as many DVD performances such the most popular ones, “Live at Rockpalast” and another one is “Live from the Royal Albert Hall” etc. Joe has featured also on the “Crossroads Guitar Festival”, in the year of 2010. His album “Black Rock,” of 2010 was first at #1 on the Billboard Blues chart and those most of his musical pieces were at that place.

Why he is different from other musicians of his genre?

Joe is a more a root type of musicians that can be found in different areas of the world, so why you look for Joe and his Band’s performances? What makes Joe Bonamassa and his performances stand out? The music of blues is really a depiction of your emotion. It begins forming from the real-life experiences. This type of music rankles in one’s mind and then moves down to the stomach and there it begins to mix into a very open and raw wound. Lyrics usually start to form he first layer of such visualization or the core part of emotions in. It is really tough to reflect that what is really embedded in your mind through the lyrics only so you require the best of your vocal ability to sing out all the anger, confusion, happiness, disappointment and other feelings that you are trying to present actually. Inflexion is actually best and most precious asset of a singer that may help them to showcase such kind of emotions to the audience or to himself and Joe, more like Gary Moore, he has that unique ability. You can even create a melody and can end it up with a good song, but then comes the truly rare part of a musician, presenting that emotion with the guitar and Joe is different because he is able to present such kind of divine part of the music on his guitar.

Solos and bands

His solos are something divine that can create a defining moment by connecting a divine relationship with the audience to seize the intent of his audience’s artistic integrity. He amazes his fans by displaying such intensity that quite unbelievable to expect from a man of 41 years of age.

He played with the musicians like Eric Clapton, Stephen Stills, and Warren Haynes, Steve Winwood, Derek Trucks etc. He has been nominated twice for the GRAMMY award and one of the most significant performances of his career is at the Royal Albert Hall. Apart from presenting as the most soulful musician at the stage, he also runs an organization, known as “Keeping the Blues Alive”, which is a non-profit organization and he runs the foundation with the mission to provide music education and scholarships to the students.

He is the lead guitarist of Black Country Communion, a supergroup of hard rock music. They have released four studio albums with the 2017 release “BCCIV”.

Rock Candy Funk Party is another Jazz-funk music band for whom he performs. They have released two albums till now.