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December, 24, 2018

Joe Bonamassa North America tour in 2018 has finished. The next destination is 2019!

In 2019 there are around 20+ concerts all around the United States. The tour start in February with a concert in Fort Lauderdale on February 15, 2019. There are scheduled 2 more concerts in Fort Lauderdale on February 16 and 17.

It is followed by a concert in Estero, Florida on February 19 and concerts in Orlando (February 22 and 23). With a short break tour moves to Savannah, GA on March 2.

October 26, 2018

Joe Bonamassa North America tour starts today! On October 26, 2018 the singer is performing in Sheas Performing Arts Center that is located in Buffalo, New York state. Tickets are still available!

The next day, on Saturday, Joe has the second time performing in Buffalo and on Monday he’s going to tour in Canada for a few times. After that the tour continues in the US and after a brake in December 2018 and Kanuary 2019 he renews with concerts in the US starting with Fort Lauderdale.

October 07, 2018

Joe Bonamassa has recently performed in Mainnheim SAP Arena club in Germany. Here’s thought of a person who watched his concert from the beginning to the end:

Mannheim. If he had not played much that night and just had played the two and a half minute guitar solo of “No Good Place for the Lonely” – that alone would have been worth the visit of this concert. You can not get over everything that makes guitar blues and the deep feelings which are 150 seconds of pure goose bumps.

But of course, Joe Bonamassa played more in the SAP Arena, much more. There were goose bumps in the five-minute intervals. And all together, what the guitarist and singer with his five-piece band and the two Australian vocal wonder singers conjured over two hours on stage, made this appearance to a rock blues experience of a special kind – as it is in this Mannheim concert temple has experienced in the past few years. This was at least in the mood: the applause of the concert visitors in the end was huge.

Maybe Bonamassa would have preferred to play in the Capitol once more than in the arena. Because this was amazingly only half full. It’s been nine years since the now 41-year-old stood on stage in a comparatively small and cuddly Capitol ambience – an unforgotten concert. By now he has been filling the big halls. Why not the complete – SAP Arena remains a mystery.

The mood, however, did not detract. On the contrary: Bonamassa still manages to create this intimate, still almost cuddly blues atmosphere even in an arena. In fact, everyone around the 5,000 fans in the audience has the feeling that the man on the front of the stage is doing it all for them – and of course for himself as well.

He has brought blues in really all variations – first his own tracks from the last album anyway, but also classics like Albert King’s “I Get Evil”; B. B. King’s “Nobody Loves Me Like My Mother” (absolutely incomparable slow-blues guitar solo); John Mayall’s now-old “Little Girl” – and two very own Led Zeppelin interpretations of “Boogie with Stu” and “How Many More Times”.

There it no longer stops at the squares. Cheering fans pushes it forward to the stage. Their hero up there, it’s only too happy to celebrate. What Bonamassa can actually do, he has long since proven with his own songs – largely from the “Redemption” album. “Evil Mama” is heard as well as “Self Inflicted Wounds” – and the rousing “Just ‘cos you can not mean you should” becomes the first real blues hammer of the evening, in which Bonamassa and the wonderful organist Reese Wynans accompany each other. Because of “Just because you can do it, you do not need to do it right now,” says the song title! No, these musicians on stage can not only do it – they also like to do it again and again. And how!

Although the term was originally coined for another: This Joe Bonamassa is a guitar God. Just as Eric Clapton was once dubbed – because  he leads the instrument in a new dimension and always finds new ways of expression, as they would have previously thought impossible.

His fingers are pulling, tugging, plucking, caressing, hewing and flying over the strings; he twists the volume knob and makes the guitar sound like a glockenspiel or even like a whole string ensemble. The focus is on the familiar blues licks – which lead the fans right into the seventh guitar rock sky.

Joe Bonamassa is going on the US tour in 2018-2019. Check Tickets.

Earlier news

In July 2016, Joe began his visit to the” British blue Explosion” during his critical visit, which he paid tribute to Jimmy’s music Page, Jeff Beck and erica gossip .

In June 2017, he released the most famous Live Acoustic record of the” Joe accessory : a living in a concert at the upcoming concert of the upcoming concert – a very good night .

Joe then set off on a trip to britain and europe in March 2018, following the ad of his newly launched” British blue Explosion” record, which was launched on CD, dvds, blue-rays and Friday 18 May 2018 .

Ht Productions announce the blue guitarist Joe Bonamassa at the Concert on Friday, 26 at 8 : 00 a. m. in the Berklee Performance centre, the 136, Massachusetts alley .

Born in the state of New York, Joe Bonamassa began to play guitar, on a short-term chiquit, when he was four years old .
King’s high respect for Joe would be resonated by other guitar players, the young artist would work with, including a boy, Danny Gatton, Robert crayons and Stephen Stills .

The British blue blue Explosion, was captured during The singer’s and guitarist’s performance at The Old Royal navy university in 2016, 7 July 2016 .

Joe Bonamassa is a famous blue and rock guitarist who visited the King of B .

Nashville-based singer-songwriter James home, who has long since then launched an album of blue to his fans who ask him to do so .
Joe Bonamassa has produced more than any other artist’s Blues Albums .

The blue guitarist Joe Bonamassa is on the vegan stage in Copenhagen, Denmark, who plays his guitar, but keeps listening to something .
By Joe Bonamassa, the members of the Paul goldupper era, who was included in the Guitar Hero of the computer game, playing with the King and exchanging the stage of the Albert Hall with erica gossip, and constantly being lauded for the night of the world’s greatest fans.

Joe Bonamassa brings his guitar skills to the church’s Salt Lake town on Friday, august 3.
Bonamassa had the opportunity to share the scene with his music character and blues legend.

Roger Glover’s conceptual album, which was built on the book of William plomerk and mary oatcrest, is located as a butterfly and sting as a star with his musical friends and band mates.
Guitarist Simon plays on All six ropes to the strut, hard rock on All the way Out, as both he and the god’s act Of music music.

Bonamassa opened the show with the” King’s saree “, one of the four new songs that he did throughout the 14-piece set .
Bonamassa has always had a predilection for delivering a solid, blue guitar rock, and the song was a great option to open with .

R and B diva, Lavern Baker, has two nods, a fiery Soul and” rescued “, while” the leaf’s lulled “, a ballaches with a burning bonanza, a solo los angeles man, dating from the beginning of the 1930s .

Joe Bonamassa has been called one of the world’s best blues players.

White side was a 20-year-old passenger at the airport of snell, who was involved in a collision north of Mead at the beginning of Saturday morning .
Helena, Mont ( AP ) – President Donald Trump returns to Montana to keep his first meeting in the Senate of the Republican candidate Matt Rosendale .

Boise, Idaho ( AP ) – Environmental regulation, healthcare and immigration have marked some of the sharp splits to the surface in a television debate on Monday evening between the 2 applicants who are competing to represent Idaho’s first congress District.

Joe Bonamassa returns to the Royal town of halloween in the spring of 2019, which is a very unique three-three-star concert.

Last year I filmed a video in which I compared the construction quality of a second-hand 80’s Standard for 2018 Les Paul .
Yesterday, one of The most prolific shaker of stupidity laughed at an item that seemed to be from The finance moments about Joe Bonamassa’s purchase of Gibson .

The Owner of the los Angeles Rams Stanley Kroenke was honoured with the Chairman of the Board of Governors’s vision Award, which was introduced by Kevin Demoff, Rams and soccer activities .
In addition to the music shows, the evening includes a lively and quiet auction with objects such as a 4, burgundy Wine pack for 2, the price of the game Show, the invitation cards only for a few .

When he bought Gibson in 1986 for $ 5m, he was in the tattoos and turned it to the brand we recognize from the last years .
Most players simply don’ t replace their primary guitar each other as they do their phones because of the new functions, they only need a robust and reliable tool to carry them on until they get to the petrol .