Joe Bonamassa is a popular songwriter, singer and guitarist from America and he is popular for his soulful performances and songs. Most of his songs were on the top of Billboard list and he has been nominated for GRAMMY award twice for his contribution to the rock and blues music world. He has a number of solo songs and many songs that he has performed with the bands. He has recorded a good amount of songs including the studio albums, live DVD or albums or with the bands or other singers like Black Country Communion, Beth Hart etc.

Here you will find ten best songs according to the popularity:

Prisoner from Dust Bowl

A blues song is all about the deep feelings and soulful presentation of the musician. Prisoner of Joe from his album Dust Bowl is such kind of music piece, where you will find not great lyrics, but extraordinary music and soulful music presentation. It was a 2011 release of the singer. It was the last song of the album and also the cover of Barbara Streisand. In this song, the singer has presented one of his finest vocal performance so the best guitar presentation by returning to the Strat. On this song, the producer Kevin Shirley challenged Joe and he gave him the best answer with his talent and skill.

Mountain times

A performance of the singer at Royal Albert Hall was just a milestone of his life and his singing career. He came up with a number of excellent songs on this occasion. This song is basically from his Album, So, It’s Like That that released in 2002. It was a four minutes song at the album that he turned into the ten minutes iconic music piece and released again in the more modern version with the album Live From Nowhere in Particular. Since then he is performing the song in his most live shows. In this song, he has added the most passionate vocal and best of musical presentation with the guitar tunes.

The Ballad Of John Henry

It is the track of the seventh release of Joe and most successful one to get his stable place in the music world. It was the first release on 24TH February of 2009. This title track from the album gave him the huge popularity, just a month before of his best of a live performance at the Royal Albert Hall. He has showcased the power-packed guitar riffs in this song. He raved the reviews best with this song and also his own place on the Billboard chart. The duration of the song is 6 min 29 sec.

Happier times

Not just as a musician but Joe Bonamassa has got his place as the most soulful lyricist with the song. He introduced a great level of lyrics and so the music tune-up. This one is another track from the Album Ballad of John Henry that achieved the higher level of success. The duration of the song is 6 min and 40 sec but it comes with an alluring quality that drags the listeners easily. It comes with top-notch of vocal capability, best of guitar presentation and outstanding music arrangement.

Woke up dreaming

This is blues-rock song that presented by Joe in his own way. It is a 2003 release that you may find in his DVD “An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House” or the live recording of Royal Albert Hall. If you want to enjoy the guitar virtuosity of Joe, this should be the best to listen. He recorded the song for the album Blues Deluxe. He has showcased some special acoustic presentation here with soulful vocal. This is something really to enjoy the blues-rock music and he has received great appreciation for that.

Sloe gin

This is the title track of Joe Bonamassa’s 2007 release, Sloe Gin. This is the song is a gem of blues-rock genre where Joe has presented something really different and unique with his music. The cover of this song was actually recorded by the singer Tim Curry. This song opens with a haunting beginning and continues with the rip-roaring solo. This is a powerful musical piece and must hear rock soundtrack for the music lovers.

Songs of Yesterday

Joe was written the song for his band Black Country Communion. It was for the debut album of the band. Not only Joe, but the song is enriched with the outstanding performances of each member of the group, a signature tune of the musical team. Well, this is not an old piece but was released in 2017. This is a perfect example of blue genres of music. This song appeared also on the live album of the band, ‘Live over Europe’.

Driving towards the daylight

This is another title track from the album ‘Driving towards the daylight’, a 2012 release of the singer. This song is from his tenth album. He showcased here his signature style, a perfect blend of roots, blues and rock and roll. This is one of his finest singles supported by the world-class musicians like Brad Whitford. He has arranged the song beautifully but the catchiest point of the song is its lyrics that helped Joe to achieve a decent place as a songwriter.

I will take care of you

Joe with Beth Hart gave this song a beautiful dimension. This song his from his album “Don’t Explain” that he recorded with Beth Hart and this is one of the best romantic songs ever written by Joe Bonamassa. The lyrics of the song is very much touchy and soulful and so the musical presentation.

Blue and Evil

This is another great piece of music that appeared on his album, “Blue and Evil” that recorded with the Black Country Communion. This is the most popular track from “Black Rock”. The song opens with the fabulous acoustic riff of Joe Bonamassa and then blast into the Zeppelin-style rock music. Again this song is all about the passionate music and soulful writing. This song belongs to the Rock music genre and was released in 2010. They included the song for the Live of Beacon Theatre too.