The Ultimate Blues Brothers Songs List: A Soulful Soundtrack That Transcends Time

The Blues Brothers: A Legendary Soundtrack of Soulful Rhythms

The Blues Brothers, born out of the comedic genius of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, not only brought laughter to audiences but also delivered an unforgettable musical experience. Their iconic 1980 film showcased a remarkable collection of blues and soul songs that have become timeless classics.

Here is a list of some of the most memorable songs from The Blues Brothers soundtrack:

  1. “She Caught the Katy” – This energetic track sets the tone for the movie, instantly immersing listeners in the world of blues and soul.
  2. “Gimme Some Lovin'” – A powerful rendition of the Spencer Davis Group’s hit, this song showcases Belushi’s raw vocal talent and Aykroyd’s harmonica skills.
  3. “Soul Man” – This legendary tune by Sam & Dave became synonymous with The Blues Brothers. Its infectious rhythm and catchy chorus make it impossible to resist singing along.
  4. “Rawhide” – A playful take on Frankie Laine’s classic western theme, this song demonstrates the band’s ability to infuse humor into their performances.
  5. “Sweet Home Chicago” – With its signature guitar riffs and soulful vocals, this song pays homage to Chicago as the birthplace of blues music.
  6. “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” – This high-energy track showcases Belushi’s dynamic stage presence and highlights the band’s incredible horn section.
  7. “Think” – Originally performed by Aretha Franklin, this song features a powerhouse vocal performance from Aykroyd and serves as a testament to his versatility as an artist.
  8. “Shake a Tail Feather” – A lively rendition of Ray Charles’ hit, this song is guaranteed to get you on your feet and dancing along with its infectious groove.
  9. “Minnie the Moocher” – Cab Calloway’s classic jazz tune takes on new life in this film, with Belushi channeling his inner showman as he delivers an unforgettable performance.
  10. “Jailhouse Rock” – The Blues Brothers put their own spin on Elvis Presley’s rock ‘n’ roll anthem, infusing it with their signature blues sound.

These songs represent just a fraction of the incredible soundtrack that The Blues Brothers brought to audiences worldwide. Each track showcases the band’s unparalleled talent, infectious energy, and deep appreciation for the blues and soul genres.

Decades after its release, The Blues Brothers soundtrack continues to captivate listeners of all ages. It serves as a testament to the enduring power of blues music and reminds us of the timeless appeal of these soulful rhythms. So, crank up the volume and let the music take you on a journey through the rich history and electrifying sounds of The Blues Brothers.


Frequently Asked Questions about Blues Brothers Songs List

  1. What song did Elwood repeatedly sing in Blues Brothers?
  2. What songs are played in Blues Brothers?
  3. What was Blues Brothers biggest hit?
  4. What is the famous line from the Blues Brothers?

What song did Elwood repeatedly sing in Blues Brothers?

In the 1980 film “The Blues Brothers,” Elwood Blues, played by Dan Aykroyd, repeatedly sings the song “Rubber Biscuit.” This humorous and catchy tune was originally recorded by The Chips in 1956 and features a unique vocal style known as “doo-wop scatting.” Elwood’s rendition of “Rubber Biscuit” adds to the comedic charm of the character and showcases Aykroyd’s talent for delivering entertaining musical performances.

What songs are played in Blues Brothers?

The Blues Brothers film features a wide array of iconic songs that span the genres of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll. Here is a comprehensive list of the songs played in The Blues Brothers:

  1. “She Caught the Katy” – Taj Mahal
  2. “Peter Gunn Theme” – Henry Mancini
  3. “Gimme Some Lovin'” – The Spencer Davis Group
  4. “Shake Your Tailfeather” – Ray Charles
  5. “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” – Solomon Burke
  6. “The Old Landmark” – James Brown
  7. “Think” – Aretha Franklin
  8. “Theme from Rawhide” – The Blues Brothers Band
  9. “Minnie the Moocher” – Cab Calloway
  10. “Sweet Home Chicago” – The Blues Brothers Band
  11. “Jailhouse Rock” – Elvis Presley
  12. “Who’s Making Love?” – Johnnie Taylor
  13. “Do You Love Me?” – The Contours
  14. “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)” – Little Walter
  15. “(I Got Everything I Need) Almost” – The Blues Brothers Band

These songs, performed by The Blues Brothers Band and a host of legendary musicians, contribute to the film’s electrifying soundtrack and capture the essence of blues and soul music.

It’s important to note that this list encompasses the major musical performances in the film, but there are additional songs included in various scenes throughout The Blues Brothers that add to its musical tapestry.

The combination of these timeless tracks with the comedic brilliance of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd makes The Blues Brothers an unforgettable cinematic experience for music lovers and comedy enthusiasts alike.

What was Blues Brothers biggest hit?

The Blues Brothers’ biggest hit is arguably the iconic song “Soul Man.” Originally recorded by Sam & Dave in 1967, The Blues Brothers’ energetic rendition of “Soul Man” became a massive success and a signature song for the band. Released in 1978 as a single from their album “Briefcase Full of Blues,” it reached the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became their highest-charting song. “Soul Man” remains an enduring classic and one of the most recognizable tracks from The Blues Brothers’ discography.

What is the famous line from the Blues Brothers?

One of the most famous lines from The Blues Brothers is “We’re on a mission from God.” This iconic phrase is uttered by Elwood Blues, played by Dan Aykroyd, to justify their reckless and often hilarious antics as they try to save their childhood orphanage. It has become a memorable catchphrase associated with the film and reflects the comedic and adventurous spirit of The Blues Brothers.

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